Hi! You look a very nice girl. You and a sex chat with me?

Asked by cumsuckmydick

Boy please! You don’t even know what I look like!! I don’t have ANY pictures of me on here so there’s no way for you to know how I look :) and no thanks :) happy fapping :)

Hi Lil Secret. 19 huh. I'm 59m. I don't know what the hell my world would have been or ended up like if this was all real when I was 19. LOL. Fun to think about tho. Just keep it healthy and don't let strangers tell you how to think or act here. You know best from the inside ok. Smiles Peace P.

Asked by ptw57

Thanks for the words of wisdom!! Don’t worry I know how to handle the ones that take it too far, no biggie! Happy jerking!

Mmm you look good enough to eat.

Asked by ernie1974

You don’t even know what I look like but nice try

do you think you could give me a little help? new blog starting out and I've got 1 follower...

Ladies and gents… ^ y’all know what to do